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Diskussioner om allt som rör SNES.

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 #883003  by Hotdj
Hello! I recently got an Yapon Rental bag, it was a snes consol inside with controllers and wires. I tried starting it, it powers on but no picture or sound. I opened it up and i can see its an modified snes with a killer bord and microswitch and batteries etc

My question is, does anybody know what code i need to set the microswitch in to activate free mode so i can start using this console? I removed the batteries because they were old and one of them starting leaking acid, but the batteries are there for other purposes like memory etc? I need some help with this and im gratefull for any tip or guide! I have also heard rumour about a dongle to activate the snes for play time. Il add some pictures ! Btw i live in norway

Edit: here is a link to the photos!

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hmwddgkohr05 ... kbfha?dl=0

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 #883006  by Filurkatten
Hard to say anything without pictures.
See if you can upload them to a external site and link them here. :)
Dont really know what modification that was done but snes is quite easy to modify for 50/60Hz and pal NTSC. Do you think its some kind of region mod?
Or is it some kind of demo unit you have?

Do you see if the battery acit have damaged any traces? You really should neutralize the acid as soon as posible to avoid further damage!
Battery is usually used to store settings in RAM between power on and off but as I dont know what kind of boad it is its hard to tell.

But images would help alot in giving us some clues!
 #883008  by Filurkatten

Just a headsup, I only tinker with electronics as a hobby and is by no means a expert but here is my thoughts;

Never seen this kind of board before.
And it's hard to tell exactly what it does as the chips are scratched so we cant see what they are.
But what we can see is that the SNES CIC chip has been removed and wires attatched to pads where it used to be.
Not exactly as newer mods does it but my guess is that it spoofs the CIC and thus makes it possible to run imports.
Wires goes to the LED on the controller panel, does it draw power from it? Cant see if the LED traces are cut or not.
Do some wires go to the bottom of the SNES PCB?
One wire seems to go to the controller port.
If you have a multimeter you could check if the board gets any power, maybe the batteries are there to power the board so it doesnt run of the SNES?
Or maybe they are there to keep settings, like last used region?
But from the batteries used I would guess it powers the board.
It doesnt seem like it switches the CPU and PPU to 50/60Hz like newer mods does.

Is the chips so scratched up so they can't be cleaned that we can read what they are?
My guess is that one is a microcontroller of some kind that;
Sets region and spoofs the CIC accordingly.
Reads controller inputs. (maybe to set region while playing?)
So the dipswitches must has something to do with presets?
Controller input combinations?
Startup region?
Autoswitch region?
Hard to tell without knowing the microcontroller.

And even if we do get to know the microcontroller (if there even is one, maybe it's all logic chips) it maybe even would be impossible to dump the bin of it if it's read protected.
Hm, if everything is just logic chips then the dipswitches maybe just sets what data to push to the CIC?

The traces are atleast visible on the board, but we cant see them on the backside as there are foam there, but if we could we could see if all dipswitches goes to one chip or several. If all goes to one then it is a microcontroller most likley.

I'm intrigued to know what it does thou and I hope you'll find an answer and keep us updated. :)
 #883009  by Filurkatten
A sencond though; maybe the batteries are there to keep the pcb running, and they keep the controller port operational.

The dip switches are there to set a time, like 48h for example.
A button combination activates/resets a timer in the micro controller that activates the CIC on the SNES for the specified amount of time.
When time is up it just disables the CIC resulting in a black image.

That would make sense. Check to see if the PCB got power, and if not add new batteries and hope that the timer resets on fresh startup.
If the PCB is inactive I would think that the CIC would be deactivated aswell.
 #883097  by Hotdj
Hello sorry for the late reply, i bought an aa battery holder and installed it to the chip, placed the battery and nothing happens, i dont have the dongle that is used to activate play time so i sold the machine since i could not fix it but Thanks for your input and time:)

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