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Game Boy Database - Need help !

PostPosted:01 Aug 2020, 12:07
by guigui48
Hello all !

Sorry I don t speak swedish or else !
Only english or french, but that ll be ok

Let me introduce you the dmg database website

We have tried to list all SCN games.

We had big helps from Peter and Mike
We still need help ! (scans from boxess, magazines, ...)
Here are all functionnalities :

fullsets by area :
You can see all different versions from the same game

Game ID Card
You ll find :
-printing date, number of players,...

- Scans (with watermarks to avoid repros)

- Timeline

- other versions

- youtube video

- tests, ads,....

- descriptions (in work)

Miscenaleous functions

- Loose fullset list

- Stats

- Advanced research (powerfull tool : You can search all games released by ocean with french on the box released between 1991 & 1993 for example)

- Japan/rest of the world

- Saga search (for example all games with kirby)

- Companies

- search all games between a date and another one

- Posters included in games

- Sealed games

- Compare each versions

"wanna compare them all ?"
And then, you can compare each versions ! enjoy !